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Wednesday, January 27 2021

What’s your DQ score?  If you know, stop reading.   If not, follow along. 

The “Digital Quotient” measures one’s ability to master new forms of technology and communication.  Research confirms that children consistently outperform adults on this scale.  Young people are “intuitive learners” who fearlessly adopt new methods and devices.  Grown-ups, on the other hand, lag behind.  They’re too concerned with preconceived notions of how things “ought” to be.  Forfeiting the flexibility of a “beginner’s mind,” they default to the familiar and overlook other possibilities.

Jesus understood the importance of maintaining a beginner’s mind.  He urged would-be followers to become “like children” to enter the Kingdom of God.  Those of us committed to living in that reality can never stop learning, no matter how old we are.

Knowledge and experience create valuable efficiencies, but they’re a burden when new challenges arise.  When we’re not “woke,” we become rigid, defensive, dogmatic, and inflexible, all the while telling ourselves that we’re defending faith and tradition!  It’s not a sin to stick with what we know, but amid social disruption and religious realignment, that posture is probably going to be self-defeating.  As never before, churches need to ask what is crucial, what is possible, and what is optimal. 

Children seldom worry about looking stupid or being wrong on the way to getting things right.  They’re willing to fail to succeed!  Jesus would welcome that attitude in all of us.  He might even say: “Blessed are those who look foolish while trying something new; they shall manifest the Kingdom of God.”

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