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In-person services continue on Sundays at 11:00 AM, with CDC protocols in effect.

We continue to follow Virginia Department of Public Health guidelines in our meetings. Social distancing, mask-wearing and other measures remain necessary to minimize the risk of infection. As we follow these guidelines, we should be able to continue in-person worship. Services are also broadcast to the parking lot on FM frequency 90.3 – this may be a better alternative for persons at greater risk.

The Centers for Disease Control recently updated mask guidance to suggest wearing 2 masks: a surgical mask covered by a cloth mask. This is a recommendation, not a requirement, but one you may wish to be aware of.

The Virginia Department of Public Health advises citizens to contact the local County Health Department to register for the Covid-19 vaccine. You may also be able to arrange vaccination through a pharmacy or in consultation with your physician. After you have been vaccinated, it will still be necessary to wear a mask in public gatherings. VDH will advise churches and community organizations whenever protocols are changed.

Thanks for doing your part to keep yourself and others safe!

Fred Ripley, 540.308.339, Deacon

Catherine Young Turgal, 854-5240, Deacon

or Pastor Terry Green, 804.382.2780

Thank you.

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