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In January 1831, a group of people from the St. Just area who had been attending other established churches felt a need for a local place to worship. They chose four men (George Quisenberry, Benjamin Wright, Richard Richards, Jr. and James O. Massey) to serve as Commissioners. They paid William Wright, Jr. $5.00 for an acre of land "intended for the situation of a meeting house forever." A building was erected that year and was called Antioch Meeting House.
On Friday, March 1, 1833, the twenty three charter members (ten male and thirteen female) adopted a Constitution and Rules of Decorum, elected two deacons and a Clerk, and called Rev. James A. Mansfield as pastor. The next day, March 2, 1833, the first worship service was held. The Church met on the third Saturday of each month with a business meeting after each worship service. Rev. Mansfield served as pastor until 1851 during which time the church grew to a total of 322 members. There have been twenty-three pastors to serve at Antioch.
The Church has worshiped in three different buildings. The original Meeting House was remodeled and enlarged in 1857. In February 1877, a new building was constructed using what materials could be salvaged from the old one. Plans were begun in 1907 for the present building which was to be located south of the old building. The dedication was on October 31, 1909. Since that time there have been three additions made.
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